There was a report of a shooting at the duplex located near the park entrance. Please note this duplex is not associated with our Home Owner’s Associations. All of the information provided regarding this shooting can be located at (http://www.pjstar.com/news/20160521/two-people-shot-after-argument-at-birthday-party-in-peoria). The Board would like to remind everyone to watch out for all of our neighbors. If there are concerns with activities that could be considered criminal we suggest contacting 911. If there are other items (such as vandalism to property) we suggest calling the non-emergency line at 309-673-4521. As always, please feel free to reach out to the Board for any additional clarification.

Contact Our 5th District City Councilman Casey Johnson here!

WKRRA POOL PHONE:  309-868-7346

In 1962, as Peoria was expanding to the north, a group of developers took a small section of land in Richwoods Township, west of what is now University Street, and created two small sub-divisions.

These two sub-divisions would be called Willow Knolls Residents Recreation Association (WKRRA). Willow Knolls South would include Teton (1500 to the middle of the 1800 blocks), Hi-Wood, Lincolnwood, Redwood, Cottonwood, and Cedarwood. Willow Knolls North would include Willow Wood, Teakwood, and Pinewood.

The two sub-divisions would be divided by a small parcel of land which would be developed into a private park for the residents of WKRRA. The park is maintained solely by the resident members of the Association.

Located within a short distance of schools, churches, the post office, restaurants, and shopping, the residents of WKRRA find this an ideal neighborhood in the heart of Peoria. It’s a great place for raising a family or enjoying retirement.

P.O. Box 9643
Peoria, IL 61612-9643